Columbia-High Road’s Teutenberg wins agressive stage; Neben is still in yellow in Redlands

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German sprinter Ina-Yoko Teutenberg continued to show her great form emerging from a splintered field to win the bunch sprint in stage 1 of the Redlands Bicycle Classic. In the final 24-mile (38.9 km) lap of the 72.6 miles (116.8 km) City of Beaumont Road Race, Teutenberg jumped around the Tibco leadout to take the win with Tina Pic (Colavita/Sutter Home) on her wheel. Lauren Tamayo (Tibco) was third.

Riders charge to the line for the sprint at the Beaumont Road Race. Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Columbia-High Road) wins the sprint ahead of Tina Pic (Colavita/Sutter Home) and Lauren Tamayo (Tibco). (click for larger image)

“It was pretty hard the finale. It split up again in the straightaway after the hill in the wind, Tibco tried again and it came really quick to the finish. It was hard in the end because there was no draft, it was kind of gutter all the way. I came around the corner behind the Tibco girls and I had to go, lucky I could hold of Tina.” said Teutenberg.

Pic had been dropped during one of the attacks and managed to chase back in time for the sprint.

“I got dropped off the back, I had to chase from the backside, I caught back on on the second to last corner. I think that Alex had gone and I just got on the right wheel. ” said Pic

The Tibco team set up the train for Tamayo but her previous breakaway move sapped a bit from her legs.

“Once we made that right hand turn off the long crosswind section, we had a tailwind and I had attacked, I believe it caused Columbia to chase and then with two corners to go basically, and everyone has kind of started to get ready for the finish at that point. I was on Ina and I had Kat Carroll driving it down that section and just before the right hand turn to the finish, I had Meredith Miller and Jo Kiesanowski take me to the corner and do what they could. But the effort that I put in before, for sure took it out of my legs, Ina and Tina are just amazing sprinters and it’s kind of hard to compete against them.” said Tamayo.

Grabbing some essential times bonuses both on the finish line and in the intermediate time bonuses during the stage, Teutenberg moved up to second spot on GC, 14 seconds behind leader Neben . Alison Powers (Team Type 1) moved up to third position a further 23 seconds back.

Neben was isolated in the finale but managed to hold on to the yellow jersey.

“Amber is too good of a bike rider to have to do stick to my wheel, she knows that there are others in the race, it’s not just me, she’s good, she knows what’s going on. She raced often enough in Holland to know where to be in these kind of races.”

Aggressive riding and lots of wind was the name of the game in today’s race. The field of 138 women was shattered in the first lap by the aggressive racing out forth by the Tibco team and by the very strong winds, headwind, crosswinds and tailwinds played a factor in the race.

“It was more after the mountain, there was a straightaway and Tibco put it in the gutter and rode really, really hard and it just automatically broke up. The problem was that the really long straightaway on the backside was a headwind so it was really hard to do something, it felt easy on the wheel and then you put your nose out in the wind and then we were just going back. If there would have been a crosswind I think it would probably have changed a lot in the end but Amber was pretty attentive so they couldn’t really put her in danger. ” explained Teutenberg.

Riders climb up the QOM on the first lap

Riders climb up the QOM on the first lap

“With the wind today, we knew that we could make it harder and we have the strength with our team, we’re still trying to make it a hard race.” said Tamayo about her team’s tactics.

“Super fast, tailwind down the backside and then there was a pretty sketchy crash towards the time bonus points. That was bad. Super fast that first lap until the climb, it sort of calmed down after the first lap. ” said Pic about the first lap.

A lead group of about 30 riders was formed and stayed together in the second lap. None of the attacks would stick.

A small lead group takes the whole road in the second lap

A small lead group takes the whole road in the second lap

“We were flying down that backside, it really felt like a Euro race, the speeds were really high. After the first lap, it calmed down a lot, and then the winds started to hit people I think, and super tough on the backside with the crosswinds.” said Pic.

The Tibco put in another attack in the final lap to try and drop yellow jersey Amber Neben (Numberger Shoair) and surprise the Columbia-High Road team. Missing out on the move were the Colavita/Sutter Home and Webcor team which brought them to the front of the group to chase and chase hard.

“Once that break got off on the last lap – we missed it – Stacy was working on the front and she tried to bridge but she couldn’t quite bridge and she was just right there for so long. Everybody worked really hard to pull it back in. ” said Pic.

‘We wanted to break it up, we tried to, we had Alex in the last break and when that they didn’t work and by the time that break was caught then we were going for the bunch sprint, we would have liked to get a break and get rid of the yellow jersey.” said Teutenberg.

Neben only had one teammate left with her and was able to capitalize on the chase by the other teams.

“She had one teammate and she was a bit lucky because Colavita and Webcor drove it back that last break. I think if it would have been just her and her teammate, then that break probably could have survived.” said Teutenberg about Neben.

And a select group of 15 riders wound up the sprint to the finish line. Neben came in with the same time as the winner, the last rider of the small group to cross the line. Mara Abbott (Columbia-High Road) led the second group in 12 seconds behind and dropped down to fourth spot on GC.

Teutenberg picked up the green sprint jersey and Neben keeps the lead in the QOM competition. Note that Tiffany Cromwell (Colavita/Sutter Home) was awarded the jersey during the podium ceremonies by mistake.

Beaumont stage race podium (l-r): Tina Pic (Colavita/Sutter Home), Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Columbia-High Road), Lauren Tamayo (Tibco)

Beaumont stage race podium (l-r): Tina Pic (Colavita/Sutter Home), Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Columbia-High Road), Lauren Tamayo (Tibco)

Today is the 60-minute Redlands Criterium, a highly technical, tight 9 turn 1.6 km course in downtown Redlands which was won last year by Emilia Fahlin (Columbia-High Road) in a bunch sprint. Again, there are time bonuses on the line which in theory could shake up the GC. The women start at 1:15pm. ( see google map).

Complete results here

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