Emilia Fahlin wins Tour of California Women’s Criterium

Posted on 16. Feb, 2009 by in race

In pouring rain, Swedish National Champion Emilia Fahlin (Columbia-High Road) outsprinted her breakmates to win the Women’s Criterium in Santa Rosa this afternoon. Lauren Tamayo (Tibco) was second and Rachel Lloyd (Proman) rounded off the podium.

Emilia Fahlin (Columbia-High Road), winner

“I just tried to be up front from the beginning. I really like to be up front in a crit to see how it goes. Then all of a sudden I heard on the radio that there was a break on and it was splitting up the field…but I had Kim. It was great because the group just kept going and kept it steady. I had great help from Kim today in the break. She did all of the work. She did the lead out for me in the last laps.”

“There were attacks going on in the break. The Tibco girls were really attacking. Kim managed to control everything. The group stuck together pretty much. Kim kept pulling riders back. She did everything. With half a lap to go Kim chased the Tibco girl and pulled me up…then I just did my sprint. I did not see anyone else.”

Lauren Tamayo (Tibco), second place

“We had different scenarios. We knew the rain would be a factor today. It was one of those….if the break was to go, we wanted to make sure we were in it. We wanted to make sure we had the numbers and we did that. The break riders depended on who was fresh and ready. The weather did play a huge part.”

About the last lap. “My team mate Meredith Miller was coming in with one to go. I was able to get into position about fourth wheel coming into the first corner. Meredith kept it strong and fast on the back stretch and then Kim Anderson took over on the last two corners. Kim rode out for Emilia and I was sitting there coming out of the last corner.”

Rachel Lloyd (Proman), third place

“I was following attacks thinking we were going to keep it fast for our sprinter. It was very cool to hear people cheer for me. It helps being the hometown rider. When I was in the break I thought here there are two Tibco’s and two Columbia and I should try to have a good finish. I am not really a sprinter but we were coming out of that last turn with a tail wind and we were going really fast. We just kind held our position.”

Bob Stapleton, Columbia-High Road team owner

“We knew we wanted Kim in the break. She is an incredible work horse. She is over 40 years old and that is an inspiration for every woman cyclist. She is a team mate extraordinaire. She is an original member of our team, has been a team member for six years. We wanted to get Emilia up there if we could. It gave Ina the position of set back and wait to see what happens or bridge up. I think Ina could have gone up there herself but she was in a good position to sit back also. Great team victory. It really shows how well these women work together. They are selfless team mates looking for the team success and not so much their own.”

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