Photos from the Bissell Training Camp

Posted on 04. Feb, 2009 by in photos

Click the images for larger versions:

More photos over at Veronika Lenzi

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3 Responses to “Photos from the Bissell Training Camp”

  1. gavia

    05. Feb, 2009


    And not just the Pinarellos :-)

  2. MavicMoto

    06. Feb, 2009

    One un-captioned photo is Mark Bissell. He is on the Spanish Nation champion special edition Pinalello that Valverde debuted at the Tour last year.
    See you all in Sac 2/14.

  3. Lyne

    06. Feb, 2009

    Yes I know that the rider is Mark Bissell. The caption was on the wrong photo. It’s fixed now. thanks.