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Posted on 24. Jan, 2009 by in news

Training camp season continues for the teams getting ready for the Tour of California. Some teams have concluded their camps such as  BMC team in Santa Rosa, the Jelly Belly team  in Southern California and Garmin-Slipstream in New Mexico. Others are just starting, OUCH in Temecula, Team Type 1 in Solvang and Bissell and Astana are gathering in Santa Rosa.

Change of gear. The ValueAct Capital Women’s Professional Cycling Team  announced that Specialized Designs for Women will be the brand of choice for 2009.  Specialized will be the official bike, helmet, shoe and optics sponsor for the team. The ValueAct team will meet for their training camp in Sonoma County on February 10-18 to get ready for the Women’s Amgen Tour of California in Santa Rosa on February 15th.

Class.  Formidable Ina-Yoko Teutenberg and her new Columbia-Highroad teammate Alex Wrubleski visited  the Touchstone training camp in San Luis Obispo to share stories and experiences for an evening.  The Touchstone ladies also took full advantage of the great 85 degree weather to explore breathtaking routes along the central coast

While there are no American UCI registered women’s team in 2009, some teams have set their sights on 2010.   One such team is the Veloforma/ZYM Women’s Professional Cycling Team which is looking ahead to its goal of becoming a UCI registered team, possibly as early as 2010. The 2009  roster includes five returning riders: Rebecka Hartkop, Susan Peithman, Tina Brubaker, Alice Pennington, and Miranda Moon, all hailing from Oregon. Four new riders have been added: Robin Secrist, Kirkland, WA; Sabrina Savage, Mesa, AZ; Melissa McWhirter, Scottsdale, AZ; and Christina Smith, Denton, TX. Talks are under way with two other top-notch talents to round out the extremely solid roster.

Doug Ollerenshaw set the record straight following this news: he is not going to law school but he is in theBiomedical Engineering program at Georgia Tech. While he won’t be leading the Elite Cycling Team, he will be riding and “mentoring the younger riders” on the squad.

Lastly, Nathan O’Neill is out until 13 June 2010.  The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) announced the decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) Appeals Panel to increase the Australian’s sanction from 15 months to the maximum two years.  O’Neill tested positive to the presence of the prohibited stimulant Phentermine in an in-competition sample collected on 12 August 2007, following  his win at the Tour of Elk Grove.  O’Neill was originally listed on the new roster for the new UCI team,  V Australia/Successful Living.

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