Czech National Cyclo-cross Championship Race Report

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On January 10, the Czech National Cyclo-cross Championship were held in Kolín, and  Ondřej Zelinka sent in this report (with small edits by yours truly):

Zdeněk Štybar won his third national  Czech Republic cyclocross championship  title. The Fidea rider claimed victory over Radomír Šimůnek (BKCP PowerPlus) in Kolín. Third place was Petr Dlask (Fidea), fourth Kamil Ausbuher (EXE jeans) and fifth was Martin Bína (Budvar Tábor). With this fifth place place, Bina wins the overall victory in Czech national cup. (photo of Bína after the race)

Štybar was very pleased after this race, which was very hard for him. “Key situation was one lap before the end of race. Petr Dlask made a mistake, and I profited from it. Šimůnek stayed after him and then distance was very huge, so Šimůnek had no chance to make something with it.” Štybar said in finish area.

There were 38 elite riders and the best 8 junior riders on start. Race was on seven circuits, each circuit was 3000 meters. Temperature was about ten degree below zero (14 F). Snow was everywhere.

After the start,  Ondřej Bambula (Budvar Tábor) moved to head of race followed by the biggest favorites Zdeněk Štybar, Radomír Šimůnek and Petr Dlask. Štybar rode in big tempi and won control over the race. After the first lap, the following riders were in the lead: Štybar, Šimůnek, Dlask, a few meters gap followed Kamil Ausbuher  and Martin Bína. Next group consisted of Ondřej Bambula, Martin Zlámalík (Prodoli) and Vladimír Kyzivát (Johnson Controls AŠ MB).

Important moment came in fourth lap of race when Štybar felt cold, and started to loll. Dlask and Šimůnek profited from it and went to head of race. In next lap Petr Dlask made a huge mistake  in a forest area, and Štybar and Šimůnek stayed alone in head. Kamil Ausbuher, in fourth place felt a chance to be third, when he saw Petr Dlask a few meters ahead.

In fifth lap, Šimůnek and Štybar rode in big tempi and Petr Dlask had no more power to stay with these guys. But in sixth lap, Dlask found some power in his legs and went to the front again. Then he helped to Štybar to win. In one curve he slacked up Šimůnek and Štybar profited from it. Šimůnek made everything to catch Štybar. He wanted to win his first gold medal in the National championship. But Štybar had more power and won this race. Šimůnek was second, after sprint with Petr Dlask.

On the podium, Šimůnek refused to shake hands to Dlask and Štybar. “They rode two against one; there were a lot unfair moments.” Šimůnek said. “Now I am disappointed, but tomorrow it will be better. Most important races are soon – two world cup races and world championship.”

Photos courtesy – Martin Zlamalik and Martin Bina


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