Is Rock Racing folding? NO but…

Posted on 15. Dec, 2008 by in news

Andy Shen of VelocityNation claimed that “Rock Racing is folding ASAP. Rock and Republic is laying off 40 employees, and shutting down the cycling team immediately.”  Shen  went on to state that he got the information from a leaked internal memo.

updated: Velonews confirmed that “an  email circulated within the company this week details layoffs within the luxury jean company as well as the cycling team.”   A Rock Racing team spokesperson confirmed the layoffs both on the clothing and racing sides of the business but could not  elaborate as to the impact to the cycling team as he was trying to reach CEO Michael Ball.  Rahsaan Bahati’s agent acknowledged that   communication with the team has been spotty  recently.

As a reminder, Rock Racing has signed 25 riders for the 2009 season, and brought in two new DS, Rudy Pevenage and Laurenzo Lapage.  One hopes that the staff will not hear the news via the media which is exactly how riders were informed that they were off the UCI team and moved to the club team to meet UCI rules regarding Continental teams, only last week .

final word: Is Rock Racing folding? a big NO is the answer, as per the official answer from Rock Racing:

“Rock Racing will continue to race in 2009. Tyler Hamilton, Rahsaan Bahati and Justin Williams will defend their U.S. national titles. More important information about the team’s plans will follow. We appreciate your interest and continued support of Rock Racing.”

Does this mean that Bahati is now part of the UCI team? But the team also annouced two new riders to the UCI team David Martin Velasco of Spain  and Aaron  Kemps of Australia.  What is going on? Where’s the rest of the story?

Is the roster being downsized?  Also, what does this mean for the masters team that Ball was building and rumored to race with?


4 Responses to “Is Rock Racing folding? NO but…”

  1. gavia

    15. Dec, 2008

    freakin’ nutz.

  2. Anonymous

    15. Dec, 2008

    Saw this and had to believe that MB himself might be behind it:

    the guy is brilliant

  3. Lyne

    15. Dec, 2008

    if it is Ball, I sure hope he’s using that money to pay his staff.

  4. MavicMoto

    17. Dec, 2008

    Why two different riders, Velasco and Kemps, instead of Creed or Chadwick?