Adam Myerson’s open letter to his new and returning teammates

Posted on 15. Dec, 2008 by in news

Cycle-Smart founder and president, pro cyclist Adam Myerson has written a powerful  open letter to his new and returning teammates.  In it, he states:

“For me personally, bike racing has been everything. Everything. It’s my business, my life – it’s given me everything, and taken everything from me at the same time. I take an approach to bike racing and this lifestyle that I think is key for all of you to understand, if you want maximum benefit from the experience, and from my experience, and to avoid being taken down by the inevitable low points that await you.”

Read the rest over at cycle-smart

Myerson is a member of the UCI Cyclo-Cross Commission, on the management committee of the International Association of Cyclo-Cross Organizers (AIOC-Cross), President of the New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series, and organizer of the Cycle-Smart International Cyclo-Cross, the oldest UCI event in North America.


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