Transfer-o-rama XY edition or the 2008-2009 Women’s transfers (updated)

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Summary of the 2008-2009 women’s transfers for some of the teams that race in the USA. No women’s team registered as a  UCI team via USACycling this year as Webcor decided not to renew their UCI registration. 

The ebb and flow of teams continues: three teams, Aaron’s, Cheerwine and Advil-Chapstick stopped at the end of the 2008 season, and two new teams will appear in 2009, the LipSmacker Professional Women’s Cycling Team, based in Boulder and Team Type 1 will launch a pro women squad.

last update: 01/28/09

Aaron’s (USA) . Team stopped.
Arrivals Departures
Erica Allar (USA) – Colavita-Sutter Home
Julie Beveridge (CAN) – Tibco
Kat Carroll (USA) – Tibco
Felicia Gomez (CAN) – retired
Anna Lang (USA) – unknown
Rebecca Larson (USA) – JuicePlus
Carmen McNellis (USA) – Michela Fanini Record Rox
Meredith Miller (USA) – Tibco
Catherine Powers (USA) – unknown
Kristin Sanders (USA) – ValueAct
Allison Testroete (CAN) – unknown
Advil-Chapstick (USA) . Team stopped.
Arrivals Departures
Laura Bowles (USA) – Vanderkitten
Brenda Lyons (USA) – Jazz Apple
Jen McRae (USA) – Team Type 1
Sue Palmer-Kolmar (CAN) – unknown
Kirsten Robbins (CAN) – unknown
Cheerwine (USA) . Team stopped.
Arrivals Departures
Marisa Asplund (USA) – unknown
Sarah Bamberger (USA) – Touchstone
Kelly Benjamin (USA) – Colavita-Sutter Home
Ally Brandt (USA) – Team Type 1
Catherine Cheatley (NZL) – Colavita-Sutter Home
Robin Farina (USA) – ValueAct
Leigh Hobson (CAN) – retired
Stacy Marple (USA) – Colavita-Sutter Home
Tashony Noplos (USA) – unknown
Anne Samplonius (CAN) – Lipsmackers
Laura Van Gilder (USA) – JuicePlus
Colavita/Sutter Home (USA)
Arrivals Departures
Kelly Benjamin (USA) – Cheerwine Dotsie Bausch (USA) – Jazz Apple
Catherine Cheatley (NZL) – Cheerwine Iona Wynter Parks (JAM) – retired (DS – Colavita)
Rachel Heal (GBR) – Tibco Kristin McGrath (USA) – ValueAct
Stacy Marple (USA) – Cheerwine Allison Powers (USA) – Team Type 1
Erica Allar (USA) – Aaron’s Mackenzie Woodring (USA) – unknown
Jazz Apples (NZL)
Arrivals Departures
Dotsie Bausch (USA) – Colavita-Sutter Home
Brenda Lyons (USA) – Advil-Chapstick
Steph Roorda (CAN) – Juice Plus
JuicePlus (USA)
Arrivals Departures
Laura Van Gilder (USA) – Cheerwine Steph Roorda (CAN) – Jazz Apple
Rebecca Larson (USA) – Aaron’s

Lipsmackers (USA)
Arrivals Departures
Leda Cox (USA) Cari Higgens (USA) – Proman
Devon Haskell (USA)
Betsy Shrogen (USA)
Anne Samplonius (CAN) – Cheerwine
Kacey Manderfield (USA) – Verducci Breakaway Racing
Proman (USA)
Arrivals Departures
Cari Higgens (USA) – Lip Smackers Melodie Metzger (USA) – Vanderkitten
Virginia Perkins (USA) – Vanderkitten
Kristina Seley (USA) – Touchstone
Suz Weldon (USA) – unknown
Team Type 1 (USA)
Arrivals Departures
Veronica Leal Balderas (MEX) –
Ally Brandt (USA) – Cheerwine
Jacquelyn Crowell (USA) –
Kori Kelley (USA) –
Jen McRae (USA) – Advil-Chapstick
Morgan Patton (USA) –
Allison Powers (USA) – Colavita-Sutter Home
Samantha Schneider (USA) – Mesa Cycles Racing Team
Tibco (USA)
Arrivals Departures
Julie Beveridge (CAN) – Aaron’s Sarah Caravella (USA) – unknown
Kat Carroll (USA) – Aaron’s Rachel Heal (GBR) – Colavita-Sutter Home
Meredith Miller (USA) – Aaron’s Helen Kelly (AUS) – unknown
Emma Rickards (AUS) – Cervelo-Lifeforce
Touchstone (USA)
Arrivals Departures
Sarah Bamberger (USA) – Cheerwine
Cara Gillis (USA) – Organic Athlete
Beverley Harper (GBR) – Webcor
Kristina Seley (USA) – Proman
ValueAct (USA)
Arrivals Departures
Robin Farina (USA) – Cheerwine Hannah Banks (AUS) – unknown
Kristin McGrath (USA) – Colavita-Sutter Home Marni Hambleton (CAN) – unknown
Kristin Sanders (USA) – Aaron’s Lara Kroepsch (USA) – retired
Katie Mactier (AUS ) – unknown
Taitt Sato (USA) – unknown
Vanderkitten (USA)
Arrivals Departures
Laura Bowles (USA) – Advil-Chapstick
Melodie Metzger (USA) – Proman
Virginia Perkins (USA) – Proman
Verducci Breakaway Racing (USA)
Arrivals Departures
Kele Murdin (USA) – unknown
Webcor (USA)
Arrivals Departures
Nikke Egyed (AUS) – VVP Beverley Harper (GBR) – Touchstone
Alexis Rhodes (AUS) – Columbia Laura McKenzie-Yoisten (CAN) – unknown
Christine Thorburn (USA) – retired
Alex Wrubleski (CAN) – Columbia


12 Responses to “Transfer-o-rama XY edition or the 2008-2009 Women’s transfers (updated)”

  1. InTheKnow

    24. Nov, 2008

    Add Morgan Patton and Sam Schneider to Team Type 1′s roster. Saw it on another site.

  2. Anonymous

    25. Nov, 2008

    Erica Aller is going to Colavita.

  3. Anonymous

    25. Nov, 2008

    Laura van Gilder is not from NZL…USA!!!

  4. Lyne

    25. Nov, 2008

    doh of course, van Gilder is from PA. thanks.

  5. Anonymous

    26. Nov, 2008

    Shontell Gauthier resigned for 2009.

  6. Anonymous

    26. Nov, 2008

    Allison Powers to Type 1.

  7. Anonymous

    06. Dec, 2008

    New West Coast Womens Team in 2009SugarCRM Blue Bicycles
    Liza Rachetto from Tibco
    Lindsay Myers from Dewars
    Starla Teddergreen from La Dolce Vita
    Kara Kingsley from Los Gatos
    Mary Ellen Ash from Los Gatos
    Kim Fong From Los Gatos
    Jen Van Muckey from Los Gatos

  8. Anonymous

    09. Dec, 2008

    Veloforma pro team for 2009 .

  9. Anonymous

    27. Jan, 2009

    Cari Higgens left Lip Smackers and is now on Proman.

  10. chris

    31. Jan, 2009


    2008 departures…
    Alison Shanks
    Emma Petersen
    Belinda Goss

    2009 Team…
    Dotsie Bausch
    Ruth Corset
    Lauren Ellis
    Rosara Joseph
    Malindi Maclean
    Susy Pryde
    Steph Roorda

  11. Anonymous

    26. Feb, 2009

    Devon Haskell is with BH USA based in Chicagoland.

  12. Anonymous

    02. Mar, 2009

    Kori Kelly: Team Type I
    Laura van Gilder: unattached