The Rock Racing saga continues

Posted on 19. Nov, 2008 by in news

Well I was all set to move on to other stories, but I keep getting pulled back in the Rock Racing saga.

First, on the question regarding the team following the UCI rules on the number and age of the riders for a Continental team, a spokesperson for the team reminded me that team registrations from USA Cycling are not due to the UCI until Dec. 8.  and  to not read anything into it until the paperwork is submitted. Interesting.

Secondly, radsports-news via podiumcafe is reporting that Rudy Pevenage, the former mentor to Jan Ullrich, will join Rock Racing next season as a sports director.  And cyclingnews reports the same news and attributes it to a team press release.  However, no press release was sent out by the team announcing any management hirings for Rock Racing. So where oh where did cn get the news?

The mystery continues.

okay, I promise the next entry will not be about Rock Racing


4 Responses to “The Rock Racing saga continues”

  1. Anonymous

    19. Nov, 2008

    Thank goodness for Rock Racing. This offseason would be downright boring without them.

    I’d rather read about the bad boys of cycling than JV’s clean team. BORING!

  2. MavicMoto

    20. Nov, 2008

    This is still a compelling developing story. I can’t blame you for posting on the subject some more.
    first: Pevenage is an old-school Euro manager that while as tainted as the rest of his generation,(he rode for the Roger deVlaminck all doping-all the time Gios-Ijserboerke Team), he could still retain enough clout to help RR’s big European initiative next year. The Cipo saga was all about a second, Europe-based team. The new hires confirm that is still the plan.
    second: Don’t underestimate Michael Ball. His media image is a bombastic and pompous ass, but in person he is a passionate and thoughtful partisan for the riders. He hasn’t been terribly successful at surrounding himself with cycling knowledgeable staff, but he is getting there.
    third: I was heartened to read Lynn’s reporting that the UCI team registering hasn’t been cast in stone yet. The ambitions of the sponsor won’t be met until he steps up to a ContiPro team level. I think he learned this lesson last year. Let’s hope he has enough $ to cover all the fees and Bank guarantees.
    Rock Racing definitely marches to a different drummer, and we are enjoying racing more as a consequence.

  3. Anonymous

    21. Nov, 2008

    “The ambitions of the sponsor..”

    Isn’t Rock Racing sponsored by Michael Ball (his jeans company)?

  4. Anonymous

    22. Nov, 2008

    Lyne: When are you going to get a one-on-one with Michael Ball, like Joe Lindsey did this week?

    I would think you have a big audience, too. You are doing a terrific job.