What is Rock Racing doing?

Posted on 16. Nov, 2008 by in news

The mystery continues.

On November 9, 2008, USA Cycling confirmed to cyclingnews that Rock Racing applied to continue as a UCI Continental team for the 2009 season, which means that they must comply with all UCI and USACycling rules regarding Continental teams.

Some of the interesting UCI regulations are: (in section 2.17.004):

  • The national federation shall at its sole responsibility grant a UCI continental team licence to the teams of its choice and under such conditions as it shall determine, while respecting the regulations of the UCI and the present chapter in particular.
  • Composition of the team: at least 8 and no more than 16 riders of the elite men’s and under 23 categories only. The team may, with the consent of its national federation, include a number of additional riders specialising in other cycling disciplines (e.g. track, cyclo-cross, mountain bike) on condition that the riders in question have figured in the top 150 places of the UCI individual classification of the discipline in which they specialise over the course of the year prior to the date of registration of the team by the national federation.
  • Age of riders: the majority of riders shall be aged under 28 years (this age limit may be lowered by the national federations, e.g. such that the majority of riders might be aged under 26 years).

USA Cycling specified the regulations regarding the additional riders on its website:

  • In addition to the 16 rider maximum, a team may have a maximum of four extra riders who are specialists in other endurance disciplines, such as track (scratch, points race, pursuit, madison), mountain bike (XC, marathon), or cyclocross, provided that these riders were in the top 150 of the UCI Classification for that discipline sometime last year.

Today, Rock Racing announced its 2009 roster which consists of 25 riders: Rahsaan Bahati, Chris Baldwin, Alex Boyd, Austin Carroll, Glen Chadwick, Baden Cooke, Michael Creed, Freddy Cruz, Ivan Dominguez, Danny Finneran, Jose Manuel “Chepe” Garcia, Cesar Grajales, José Enrique Gutiérrez, Tyler Hamilton, Sergio Hernandez, Sterling Magnell, Francisco Mancebo, Caleb Manion, Ian Moir, Víctor Hugo Peña, Fred Rodriguez, Oscar Sevilla, David Taner, David Vitoria and Justin Williams.

And of those riders, 11 are under the magic age of 28.   So unless there’s been an unannounced  change in the rules, this team does not meet the definition of a UCI Continental team.

Is there going to be a Team Rock team again? Last year,  Cruz, Finneran and Moir were registered and raced on the track with Team Rock. But these three riders are all under the age of 28 and are  probably needed to meet the rules.

So who’s in and who’s out of the Continental team?


7 Responses to “What is Rock Racing doing?”

  1. Peter

    17. Nov, 2008

    Maybe they’re getting special dispensation after so many teams went under this year.

    Considering that the majority will be under 28 for part of 2009 – Manion and Creed turn 28 in ’09 – and the contraction of American cycling, i.e. teams and races going under, I can imagine that USACycling is bending the rules a bit. If that is the case, then it’s good for the sport. Not only is Rock picking up riders from the now-defunct Toyota United, but they’re bringing in European riders to increase the depth of talent in the field. In turn, this could make bike racing more popular.

    I’m not saying that USACycling should be bending the rules for Rock. I’m just saying that it’s understandable if they are.

  2. Anonymous

    17. Nov, 2008

    USA Cycling is without a doubt working with teams this off season due to the rough climate. I know for a fact Successful Living just got a roster extension as well.

  3. Anonymous

    18. Nov, 2008

    FYI, if you turn 29 during 2009, then your racing age is 29.

  4. gavia

    18. Nov, 2008

    The kidz over at West Vlaanderen Cycling have picked up this story, pointing out the apparent rules violation with the roster. They didn’t get any further information, though, either about the UCI or USAC waiving the rules or Rock having a plan of some kind. Linky here.

    Cyclingnews seems to be pretty behind on this story.

  5. Peter

    18. Nov, 2008

    I realize that turning 29 in ’09 means your racing age is 29. It might be mincing words, but USACycling doesn’t reference “racing age.” The rule only mentions “under 28 years,” which most people take to mean racing age.

  6. Anonymous

    14. Dec, 2008

    they are not getting any special treatment and are most likely going to FAIL as a team organization due to Mr. Ball and his whimsical mood swings, the economy, and the fact that that company has fired absolutely everyone they hired from last year. The turnover rate is unbelievable at Rock as to staff, mechanics, etc.
    Just look at the fact that not even his own riders knew that they might be dropped to amateur status. And lets see what the official party line will be on that in the coming weeks.
    Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love the guys on this squad and they are an exciting team to watch and support. I have been a fan from the beginning, but a fan of the team. Mr. Ball just can’t get out of his own way. He should stick to designing jeans, hire good people and let them do their jobs.
    It will be sad to see this team fold and not even make it to the 5 years that Mr. Ball had committed to.

  7. Lyne

    14. Dec, 2008

    interesting anonymous. the DS turnover rate is well 100% but the status of the rest of the staff is murkier. thanks for the pointer.