Is Rock Racing too old?

Posted on 12. Nov, 2008 by in news

A commenter on a previous post raised a very interesting question:

Rock looks to be facing some difficulties though with ages and numbers. Can anyone figure out how their roster will work as a continental team?

According to cyclingnews, Rock Racing is registering as a Continental team for 2009, which means that they must follow the new UCI rule which not only mandates the minimum (8) and maximum (16)  number of riders in a team but specifies that the majority of riders must be under the age of 28.  The UCI does allow that, with the consent of the  national federation, a team can include a number of additional riders specialising in other cycling disciplines (e.g. track, cyclo-cross, mountain bike) on condition that the riders in question have figured in the top 150 places of the UCI individual classification of the discipline. (phew)  But wait,  USA Cycling specifies that only 4 of these additional riders can be added to a team which would bring the we-really-mean-it maximum number of riders to 20, with a majority of riders under the age of 28.

Let’s take a closer look at Rock Racing. With the riders  that have been linked to the 2009 roster, I don’t see how the team can meet this rule. Assuming that Rahsaan Bahati (27), Mike Creed (28), Cesar Grajales (37), Tyler Hamilton (38), Victor Hugo Peña (35), Oscar Sevilla (33), Chris Baldwin (34), Ivan Dominguez (33), Chepe Garcia (37), Caleb Manion (28), Francisco Mancebo (33), Jose Enrique Gutierrez (35) and Justin Williams (20) are with the team next year, only 2 riders, Bahati and Williams fit the bill. Even if 3 more road riders and 4 specialist, all under the age of 28,  are added, it still gives only 9  riders under the age of 28, and not the needed magic number of 11.  So either Rock Racing gets an exception  or someone on the list is not with Rock Racing.

Interestingly, last year the rule was different as the number of additional riders was not specified, which Toyota-United used to its advantage. Officially, the team had 23 riders but only 14 riders could be considered as part of the core team and of those, only 3 – Manion, Jonny Clarke and Dominique Rollin - were under the age of 28 at the start of 2008.


7 Responses to “Is Rock Racing too old?”

  1. Kevin Field

    12. Nov, 2008

    You are right, and you are onto something. Interesting situation for Rock to sort out there isn’t it.

  2. Anonymous

    12. Nov, 2008

    I can’t imagine Kayle not being on the team either. He is just so ROCK. So another oldie too many

  3. guidemd

    12. Nov, 2008

    trying to remember – weren’t there some domestic races last year where there seemed to be both the “official” Rock Racing team and other riders from another “Rock” team? (and that it seemed some riders were on either team depending on circumstances?)

  4. Anonymous

    13. Nov, 2008

    Nope, they were two total separate entities the whole time. You can even see both teams roster on Team Rock was not a registered UCI Team, and which of the older guys would you put on there anyways. Oh, and Kayle is not riding for Rock Racing

  5. Lyne

    13. Nov, 2008

    Team Rock and Rock Racing are officially two different entities but I did find one example of one of the riders listing the two teams on different races: Austin Carroll raced for Rock Racing at Redlands but for Team Rock at San Dimas:

  6. Anonymous

    13. Nov, 2008

    Thanks, Kayle

  7. Anonymous

    16. Nov, 2008

    You guys are right Rock Racing can not race with just a Continental License.
    What happen is Mike Ball keeps firing all his staff now he has hired people out of the cycling world. So they really drop the ball on getting a Pro Continental License.
    Mike is REALLY pissed that this happen! He has no bikes or a DS.And a lot of the riders have NOT sign there contracts.
    And Mike’s done with Kayle bullshit one year he win’s every thing next year he’s getting tested on can’t win a local crit..
    And I think he’s in court this week
    with USAD..