Transfers and team news – part deux

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More news on the transfer front.

As expected, Ivan Dominguez of the disbanded Toyota-United team will be joining Rock Racing for the 2009 season. He told cyclingnews that teammates Caleb ManionChepe Garcia and Chris Baldwin will be joining him on the Michael Ball team.  According to the El Colombiano site, 36-year old Santiago Botero decided to continue his cycling career for one more year after the birth of his daughter. He will be leaving the Rock Racing team and will stay closer to home, with either Colombia es Pasion or UNE-EPM, both Colombian teams.

The Garmin-Chipotle team has finalized its 29-rider ProTour roster for the 2009 season. Most of the riders are staying with only two deaprtures,Christophe Laurent  going to the Agribubel team and Patrick McCarty. McCarty’s destination is unknown. The team is welcoming 6 new riders: Hans Dekkers from Mitsubishi-Jartarzki, the duo from the Symmetrics team, Canadian TT Champion Svein Tuft and Canadian Road Champion Chris Meier, Brad Wiggins from Team Columbia, Ricardo van der Velde from the Rabobank Continental team and Cameron Meyer from the squad.

While not official yet, the VMG/Felt U23 team roster is also starting to take shape.  According to cqranking, returning riders Kirk Carlsen, Dan Holloway, Peter Stetina and Daniel Summerill will be joined by American Alex Howes returning to the fold  after one year in France and Raymond Kreder.  In 2006, 16-year old  Kreder won the first edition of the Pavé de Roubaix, the junior version of the Paris-Roubaix race.  As was well publicised Taylor Phinney is joining the new Lance Armstrong U23 team.

Unfortunately another team announced that it would not continue in 2009. After three years on the circuit, the UCI Contintental Calyon Pro Cycling Team of Canada called it quits. The Calyon Bank, a subsidiary of the Groupe Crédit Agricole was hit badly by the economic crisis and decided to stop the team sponsorship. The 2008 team was made up of Matthew Bell, David Bergeron, Matthew Guse, Michael Norton, Mathieu Roy and brothers Maxime and Charly Vivès. Bell will be joining the Volkswagen team next year.

With the disappearance of the Symmetrics and Calyon team, the only Canadian team to continue with the UCI Continental status next year is Team R.A.C.E. Pro.  For its second year, the team under the leadership of Steve Bauer and Josée Larocque strengthened its roster with the addition of friends Keven Lacombe and 2007 Pan American Road Race Champion Martin Gilbert, both from the Kelly Benefit/Medifast. Also joining the team are Eric Boily and Bruno Langlois  from Volkswagen,  Andrew Randell from Symmetrics, and the Vivès brothers. Returning to the team are François ParisienRyan Roth, Joël Dion-Poitras, Keir Plaice, Andrew Hunt and Mark Batty.

The team will focus on UCI races in Canada such as Tour de Beauce and the USA, and some occasional races in South America and Europe, and will work to get invited  to the  Tour of Missouri and Tour de Georgia if it happens.  The team has a long term goal to become a Canadian force to be reckoned with at international UCI races, with a goal to reach the Tour de France in 2012.

“Longer term, the goal is to increase the level every year to eventually make it to the Tour de France.” said Bauer to La Presse. “The vision is clear. I am aiming for the top.”

Not a lot of news on the women’s side. Canadian Joëlle Numainville will continue with the French UCI team ESGL93-GSD and she will be joined by fellow Québécoise Audrey Lemieux in 2009.

Lastly, NorCal’er Flavia Oliveira will be joining the Italian UCI team Michela Fanini Record Rox


5 Responses to “Transfers and team news – part deux”

  1. Nikki

    08. Nov, 2008

    I still love that pic of the shoes!

  2. Nikki

    08. Nov, 2008

    Meant to add, “yeah for Alex” too. I loved that bit when I found out awhile back. It will be great following him easier. :-)

  3. Anonymous

    09. Nov, 2008

    What I find hilarious is now that Rock is still at continental status, they have to have 50% + 1 riders under the age of 27. LOL, and now I see that they have signed 6! riders over that age limit as well as firing 3 from last year that were under. I think they screwed themselves and are going to have to let go of some riders now (due to max team of 16)

  4. Lyne

    10. Nov, 2008

    Rock will probably list ghost riders for fulfill the age requirements just like Toyota-United did last year.

  5. Anonymous

    10. Nov, 2008

    Ok, they can list ghost riders, but they still have to have a roster of 16 or less riders given their status. And 9 of those have to be 27 or younger. And right now…I am counting 12 riders (4 Toyota, Bahati, Hamilton, Rodriguez, Creed, Hugo Pena, Sevilla, not to mention O’Neil, Mancebo and Gutierrez) above that age. means that they are going to have to let go of some 5 riders