And then go say them

Posted on 29. Oct, 2008 by in news

I’ve been reading FatCyclist for many years, chortling, chuckling and moved to tears with laughing so hard at the world through Elden’s eyes.  But I’ve also been moved to the tears reading how his beloved wife Susan has been fighting with dignity the cancer that is ravaging her body.

Elden has generously shared insights with his multitude of readers, and some might say friends, and today as things are looking very dark right now for the family, he wrote:

Think for a moment about the person you care most about. Now think about what you’d wish you could have said if that person were taken away from you. Now think about how glad you would be if you were given a second chance to say those things.

And then go say them.

Whatever your beliefs are, send your vibes and/or prayers to Elden, Susan and their family and then go be with your loved ones.  Peace.

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