Meet Utah All-Stars David Harward

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One of the teams at the Tour of Utah, the Canyon Bicycles Utah All Stars,  is a composite team made up of the best amateurs cyclists in Utah including current Utah State Road Race Champion Todd Hageman.

I chatted with David Harward at the start area prior to stage 2 where he told me that he had two bikes stolen from his garage the night before.

Tell me what happened?
Dave: Fortunately, this bike [points to his Cervelo] was locked with the team. I think [the bikes were stolen] while we were at the house. When the police came, they said you know what, they go around the neighborhood, they look for open garages, then they see bikes and they grabbed them and they have no idea what they are. One of them is a prototype and one of them was a pre-production and was unique.

Tell me more about the bikes.
Dave: Tarmac SL2 with Powertap Wireless, Carbon Reynolds clincher. Both of them had nice carbon wheels. and the other one was a prototype, the 2009 Roubaix SL2. So I’m sad.

Tell me about yourself.
Dave: I’ve been racing for quite awhile, I started road racing late at 32, I’m 29 now, just having a blast. I did Tour of Utah 2 years ago, had a decent ride, had a lot of fun. It’s really exciting that it’s back this year.

What’s the goal of the team for this race? 
Dave: We want to just be involved in the race, we are a composite team, we’ve got seven of the top Cat 1 from Utah and yesterday we wanted to get somebody in the move and we rode pretty aggessively from the start, got one of our guys in the early move and he made it for about 70 miles and today could be ridiculously difficult or if a break gets out early it could stay mellow til the Big Mountain, that’s kind of what we’re hoping, we could get somebody in the break, we’d like to race aggressive.

What would you consider yourself to be, a climber, an all-arounder?
Dave: I’m more of an all arounder. We’ve got Todd Hageman, Nate Page and Jesse Gordon, Jesse was in the break yesterday, they’re great guys for climb. Like for the criterium, I love racing crits, Ryan Barrett who is a great crit racer and hopefully we can help each other out at some point. It should be good.

Any surprises on stage 2?
Dave: That first descent is very technical, the descent off of Big Mountain is super fast and switch backs. And then, people may be thinking that the coming down Emigration Canyon will be fast, it’s not.

Why not?
Dave: The lower part of Emigration is slower, a lot of times in the late afternoon you end up with an afternoon head wind so people can think that can rail it down the canyon. You’re going to have pretty tough, if you’re solo, to hold off a chasing group. It’s nice to have local knowledge.

More info on the bikes stolen here

Switchbacks off Big Mountain

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