Jason Donald about the first stage at Utah

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Jason Donald (Garmin-Chipotle) bridged to a lead trio early in the first stage at the Tour of Utah and with the field breathing down their necks, he outsprinted his 2 remaining break companions to win the stage, the KOM jersey and the yellow leader’s jersey.

The 28-year old answered questions just after he won the stage.

Tell me about the break.
Jason: The biggest thing about the breakaway is getting the guys to work together and my other two companions, I kept telling them and they didn’t believe me we could make it, they didn’t believe me, they didn’t believe and all of a sudden it was less than 10k to go and we still had a minute and then they were finally alright we can go, there were so happy we came in front of the peloton and it just worked out that I had good legs, it was fun out there today.

Today was probably the easiest day of the week, tomorrow is going to be more brutal and it’s going to be even worse for me because of the effort today.

Who initiated the break?
Jason: One of the Utah all stars and Sheldon Deeny who got second today, Brad White was in there as well.

Tell me about bridging by yourself.
Jason: I was lucky because Brad told those guys to wait, we need him, we need him and they waited for me so I was happy.

What were thinking about in the final dash to the line?
Jason: You can never get to the line fast enough.

Did you think the break would make it? 
Jason: You go out there with hopes that it will work and sometimes it works. For cyclists, it’s a dream come true, I kept thinking of Will and Danny in the Tour because they both had one the same way, it’s the best way to do it, it’s so much fun.

About the missed turn, what was communicated to you?
Jason: We went off course, we went off course and then the commissaire rode by us, nobody knows what’s going us, we were all kind of disappointed, I was actually really surprised that they neutralized the peloton for us, I figured they’d let us back in.

According to race radio, the field asked to stop.
Jason: That’s interesting, We’re all competing out there, there’s also a level of respect and it’s pretty good of those guys to give it to us today.

An ecstatic Jason with the yellow jersey:

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