Catching up with Brad White after stage 1 at Tour of Utah

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Neo-pro Brad White (Successful Living)  finished third in the first stage at the Tour of Utah after being in a long 93-mile break in temperatures hovering in the low 90s. He also sprinted for the HotSpot points to grad the green sprint leader’s jersey.

I caught up with the 26-year old just before the podium ceremonies.

How was the cooperation in the break?

Brad: Everyone was working well in the break, we had three strong riders, one guy maybe not quite as strong but he was working and doing what he could with the second sprint, unfortunately he got gapped and we kept rolling and we just knew it was going to be better off that way probably, it’s unfortunate but that’s what we had to do to stay away but it was a good day, the wind wasn’t too bad, over the top it was getting worse, it was thinking it could shatter the field, I don’t know if it did but it was a good day in the break, I think heat played the biggest factor.

Did you think the break would make it to the end?
Brad: I didn’t know really, the goal was to go after the sprints, get the sprints jersey and then I didn’t really care if the break stuck or not because I knew Ricardo [Escuela] would be able to sprint very well. I was kind of indifferent, I probably could have sat in a little longer in the end when I was starting to cramp up a bit, I knew I wasn’t going to have a good sprint in the end, the legs were just cramping, I think the heat played a big factor today.

What’s the goal for the team at Utah?
Brad: The goal today was to win the stage, to get the leader’s jersey. We don’t really have too many pure, pure climbers where this is probably going to be won by a pure climber. JR and I will probably be able to climb pretty well, hopefully with the front group and we’ll see how that goes. the goal tomorrow will be for me to try and get the jersey but we’ll see how that plays out. And then the crit is going to be a big goal of ours with Ricardo. The goals were today, the crit for sure and see where JR [Grabinger] and I can hang in the GC. Today was a good start for me in the GC, we had a lot of guys in the top ten today so that was good to see.

You’ve had a good year so far, how’s the form?

Brad: It’s been a good year, I took a break for awhile, I was pretty thrashed last week so took pretty easy last week to try and be as fresh as possible for this race. I think you can’t go in too fresh for this race, the fresher you are, the better.

Who are the top guys to watch?
Brad: We’ll see how Jason and I recover. I think some of the pure climbers, any number of guys, some of them are pretty fierce when it turns uphill.

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