A cold beer

Posted on 13. Aug, 2008 by in news

What do you do after being pulled off a motorcycle 5 minutes before the start of a stage to be put into the media car that then has to stop for gas because the tank is empty. And you miss the photo op of the day when the peloton was neutralized to let the break back onto the right way after going off course?  and at that point, the media car not knowing what happened is zooming on the course looking for the break and misses the KOM too.

And then to top it off, the air conditioning in the rental car conks out before the 90+ minute drive back to the hotel. Did I mention that it’s really hot in Utah.

What do you do?

Have a cold beer (or 2) and a spicy burrito.

2 Responses to “A cold beer”

  1. kwc

    13. Aug, 2008

    ouch… and I hear the beer is $$$ there too

  2. Anonymous

    13. Aug, 2008

    Nice pics and report, Lyne, despite the absence of the moto.