Canadian Road Champ Christian Meier joining Garmin-Chipotle as a stagiaire

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The rumors were true.

In an October 2007 interview with the The Province newspaper, Christian Meier talked about being recruited by European teams but choosing to stay with Symmetrics:

“You try to do everything you can to ride clean and that’s one of the big things with Symmetrics, that push to be a clean team. Things are starting to change in Europe. There’s a big push to be clean and more extreme measures are being taken. For me, I want to eventually get to Europe. That’s been a dream to do the grand tours. It’s a matter of waiting for that time to come.”

The time has come.

The Symmetrics team announced today that  Meier will be joining Garmin-Chipotle as a stagiaire on August first:

Garmin isn’t making a commitment to Christian for 2009 just yet. He’s gotta prove himself. But we know he’s got the right character to mix well with that team. His athletic ability isn’t at question. And he has the same values about clean sport that is central to Slipstream Sports.

The Symmetrics team prides itself in developing young Canadian talent, cleanly.  Meier, who won the Canadian Road Championship in June,  is scheduled to race the tours of Limousin and Poitou-Charentes in France before returning to North America for September’s Tour of Missouri. Meier’s season is set to end with the prestigious classic Giro di Lombardia in Italy where he’ll be proudly wear the Maple Leaf.  This will be the first time since 1997 that the Canadian Road Champion’s jersey has seen action at a pro level in Europe.

Just who is Christian Meier also known as The Young Man?

Of German heritage, the 23-year old Meier was born and raised in Sussex, New Brunswick, and like a lot of roadies, started off in the dirt as a teenager. After a few years, he left the fat tire world behind and focused uniquely on racing on the road. As a member of the Canadian National team in 2003, he competed in the world championships in Hamilton, Ontario and also went to Belgium to race and train.

He joined the S-team in four years ago, and started getting noticed. He had a tremendous year in 2007 where he won the Espoir Canadian National Road Race Championships, the U23 Classification Tour of El Salvador, the U24 Classification Tour de Beauce and finished second in the overall classification at the Vuelta a Chihuaha. And during this period, he helped his teammate and ‘biking brother’ Svein Tuft win the UCI Americas Tour.

Meier now lives alongside Svein Tuft in portable homes on the Symmetrics’ owner residence,  on sprawling acres just outside of Vancouver, BC. He also enjoys fine coffee, so much so, that he has started Biking Bros Coffee, with Tuft, to sell fair trade organic espresso blend.

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  1. Anonymous

    09. Aug, 2008

    does anyone know how to buy his coffee? i heard it was amazing! quite the guy

  2. bikelover

    09. Aug, 2008

    ya, you can go to and purchase it there, it is crazy good!! he sends them to you right away too.

  3. dexter29

    09. Aug, 2008

    i think garmin will be a great oppertunity for him, i saw him race at nationals, and he took it by storm, garmin would be lucky to have a guy like him