Catching up with Dan Ramsey post MBGP

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Time Pro’s Dan Ramsey, racing solo at the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix – as his team had sent a full squad to the Tour of Pennsylvania – pulled out a few attacks and escaped with Kayle Leogrande (Rock Racing) in the first half of the race. The duo was reeled in and Dan went for it a few more times.

Time Pro Cycling is a new team for 2008. Under the leadership of Eric Saunders, the team’s goal is to give young riders a shot at becoming professional bike racers. The 29-year old Ramsey was brought in to share his experience and knowledge from years of racing, including 6 years as an amateur in Italy.

What was the plan today as you are racing solo?
For me trying to be aggressive, other than Mike [Easter, Time Development Team] here, we’re not exactly on the same team but if we can help each other, it’s always a good thing, Mike got a top ten [note – Mike finished eleventh]. For me, I’m only going to win in a breakaway, I know that this race comes down to field sprint every year, but I had to give it shot.

Everytime I saw you and Kayle Leogrande in the break, you seemed to be in front. Was Kayle working in the break?
Kayle was pulling, he was hurting more that I was, I had to make sure, we had to stay together. If I tried dropping him, it wouldn’t do me any good for me. Actually when I attacked, I told him to go with me. I made sure I had him because I knew that Rock Racing was the team to beat today so it was perfect to have their team block for us.  I wouldn’t have been happy to take second place but in a sense second place at this race for me would have been a great result because it’s normally, you know he could have sat on and taken the win, in that sense second place is good enough for me. You know you’re going to get brought back, you give it a shot though, maybe a small group could have bridged up with a Toyota rider and one or two other teams represented and the race could have been over, but….

You tried a few other moves later in the race [after the 2-man break was reeled in].
I tried a few more times but towards the end a few guys attacked and I followed but then it was just Caleb Manion and myself who were just going for it, everybody was kind of following. Toyota-United was really trying to go for it because they knew that had a little bit of a shot at the end and Rock Racing was chasing.

What is it like to be an ‘old’ guy on your team?
It’s good, a few times I’ve cracked a bit, I had to go drinking one night on my own to kind of calm down, get away from the boys, get drunk. Sometimes they get on my nerves.  (laughs)   I’m really happy, they’re a real good group of guys, I think that at least a few of them have the potential to race in Europe in the next 5 years, they are some really good guys on the team. Actually the program is really good, we’re pretty damned disorganized and we’re a cluster half the time but I don’t mind because I knew it was going to be that way, it’s fun, we have fun together, we enjoy ourselves. The guys are learning a lot this year, the whole team is learning, Adam Myerson and myself and Jon Hamblen were all hired to kind of teach them and at the end of the day, the guys have learned a lot, they’re teaching me because everybody learns, we are all learning from each other which is pretty cool.

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