Post MBGP comments with Rock Racing’s Rahsaan Bahati and Fast Freddie Rodriguez

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Comments from a very relieved and happy Rahsaan Bahati and Fast Freddie Rodriguez after Bahati won for the second year in a row the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix last Sunday.

Rahsaan Bahati

About the win.
It’s like a monkey off my back, it’s weird going into a race that you’ve won the previous year, to have all my family out here, Rock Racing sponsored it. It’s a lot to accomplish you know in one race, to entertain you guys, represent the sponsors well and to win the bike race, and as a team today, phenomenal.

About the teamwork from his Rock Racing team.
Like I said 100 percent phenomenal. Each guy rode exceptionally well, I was proud to be a part of Rock Racing today with all the pressure we had to come through, to ride the way they did, I was very proud of them. Sometimes in the race I had to yell just to keep them encouraged and motivated to do the right things in the race and not get lazy. I’m telling you, I know it sounds generic but the team did everything right today.

About having Fast Freddie as his leadout.
In Harlem we finished second, I was very disappointed and after the race I was very down on myself and Freddie just pulled me aside and said ‘you just have to keep faith and follow me’ and I didn’t do that in Harlem, I got a little nervous, got swarmed and didn’t follow my leadout guy. Today, it was more hectic, you have better guys, it’s a better field here and I just kept telling myself ‘don’t let go of his wheel’, I swear I didn’t look up I just watched his cassette for the last two laps and it worked out.

Fast Freddie Rodriguez

About the race.
We wanted to put out a good show, this is LA baby, this is where I grew up. We wanted to put out a good show. I got taken out in the last corner, I came in second around the last corner leading out Bahati and the guy in front of me, I knew he took it a little too hot and he basically took me out. Luckily Bahati was three or four guys behind and we pulled it out perfectly.

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