The story behind the photo

Posted on 29. Jun, 2008 by in photos

Not a domestic racing story, but a great read nonetheless from High Road’s er Team Columbia’s mechanic Benny aka GreaseMonkey.

Tony Martin was in the yellow jersey at the Ster Elektrotoer in the Netherlands when disaster struck in the third stage. With about 5km to go, Martin was involved in a crash and

“I ran to find Tony, he was bleeding pretty bad. I had a quick look and there was blood everywhere on his hand and arm, the rest of the body looked a bit open and a bit of road rash, but nothing too serious. He took off slowly, looking a bit at his hand as he left, I then ran back to the car to pick up the bike and get underway. But the car decided to meet me half way, but there was Tony’s bike between us on the ground, the car accelerated towards me, and then I heard that loud crunching, scraping, splintering, snapping sound you never want to hear. Yep the bike was under the car, and it was looking a bit worse for wear.”

Oh and Martin “had to stop, the blood was pissing out of his hand pretty bad so we had to have a look. Well it was not so bad, a few holes in his knuckles where he slid down the road on his hand, and a couple of scrapes on the forearm, pretty lucky. We did a bush repair”

Go for a ride around the world and see a side of pro cycling you won’t find in magazines at Benny’s blog.

2 Responses to “The story behind the photo”

  1. guidemd

    30. Jun, 2008

    thanks for the link – love this line in the bike story, “a moments silence for the dead bike, then we went to have a look at Tony’s injuries”… hmm, priorities?

  2. Lyne

    30. Jun, 2008

    some great stories on Benny’s blog. priorities? well ;)