Interview: Eric Wohlberg – gnarly Canadian in Georgia

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Canadian Eric Wohlberg is a three-time Olympian and has been racing for fifteen years for many well-known teams, including Magic Cuts, Seldane, Shaklee, Sierra Nevada and the powerhouse Saturn team for three years. He joined the all Canadian continental Symmetrics Pro Cycling Team in 2004.

As part of his numerous accomplishments, the 43-year old Wohlberg won the Canadian Individual Time trial National Championships eight times in a row, and many stage wins all over the world. Stories about Wohlberg’s toughness abound. For example, he raced with a broken wrist and finished a respectable 25th in the time trial wearing a cast on his left hand in the 2003 World Championship.

Last year, the Symmetrics team won both the individual and team competition at the UCI America Tour. The chase for the valuable UCI points all over North and South America (and earning Canada an additional Olympic berth) was exhausting and the Symmetrics team went into 2008 with specific focus of helping its riders make it to the Olympics.

It’s now fairly well known that the Symmetrics team is currently undergoing financial trouble due to sponsors pulling out putting the team in jeopardy. While the team was snubbed by the Amgen Tour of California, they were invited and are racing in the Tour of Georgia.

“Back in 1991 was when I started with back with Magic Cuts, I don’t even count anymore. I still love what I do, at the end of the day, you take the good, you take the bad, for me still the good still outweighs the bad.”

I caught up with Wohlberg before the start of the Tour de Georgia to get his thoughts on the current team situation and its impact on the team. He was coming back from he called a ‘big ride’. A 200 kilometer ride, with a 34 km climb to the top of Mt Hamilton, around Livermore, push a bit in the valley and then back to his home in the Bay Area.

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